Division of Biblical Studies

The purpose of this division is to prepare Christian servant-leaders with a knowledge of the Bible, to develop their discernment to rightly divide the Word of Truth, and to equip them to take the gospel of Christ to the world.

The Pensacola Christian College Bible department offers the following graduate degrees via Pensacola Theological Seminary:

Bible Department

Dr. Dan Rushing, Chair

Pensacola Theological Seminary has a biblicist approach in its graduate Bible program in contrast to the pseudointellectual approaches of our day. In an attempt to be academic, many focus on teaching erroneous views of liberal theologians. The goal of our Bible program is not to fill our students’ minds with doubts and questions raised by liberals, but rather to fill our students’ souls with the Word of God itself. At PTS, meditating on God’s Word and ministering with God’s Word go hand in hand.

Service is the essence of ministry, and true leadership is impossible without a servant’s heart. Pensacola Theological Seminary prepares servant-leaders to share the gospel boldly, preach the Word clearly, and shepherd the flock faithfully.

Many local churches have Christian day schools. Pastors seeking training to help them lead a church-school ministry more effectively may take courses in Christian school management.